My Story

My name is Harold Lujan, and I have been a jeweler for over 30 years. My ex wife, Laurie Wren, and I developed Lujan jewelry together throughout this time. Each original piece is fabricated in my studio. In my work I use semi-precious stones from all over the world that I cut and shape myself. In addition to cutting and shaping my own stones, I'm a very experienced metalsmith. The style of my jewelry has been developed over many years, but I'd largely classify it as contemporary and classic Mountain Southwest

I've been fishing my whole life, my dad was an avid fisherman, and I grew up fishing the small streams and lakes in northern New Mexico. As a hunter for over 45 years, an outdoorsman at heart, my passion and love for the wild reflects in my work. Whether I'm using porcupine quills, fossilized mammoth tusk, or elk and deer teeth, I find a way to incorporate the wild in what I do. 

Prior to being a jeweler I was a tennis professional for 15 years. I played professional racquetball and worked as a squash and racquetball club professional. I was able to compete or play exhibitions in tennis, racquetball, squash and handball with some of the best players in the world. During this time I was both the state champion in racquetball, and Rocky Mountain regional open champion in racquetball. I love to coach, teach, and inspire younger generations. 

My family is the most important thing in my life. As a father, grandfather, coach, crafter, outdoorsman, and athlete, I wear many hats. The highlight of the many occupations I've had is the people I've met along the way, and the lasting relationships that have resulted.