Awards received by Lujan Jewelry

3 Time Best of Entire Show

Tempe Art Festival     Tempe, Arizona

Twice Best of Jewelry

People's Fair     Denver, Colorado 

Award of Merit 

Tulsa Mayfest     Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Purchase Award

Desmoine Art Festival     Des Moines, Iowa

Best of Jewelry 

Southwest Art Festival    Indio, California 

Best of Fine Jewelry 

Dallas 500 Art Festival     Dallas, Texas

Judges Choice Award

Cain Park Art Festival     Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Best of Jewelry 

Bayou City Art Festival     Houston, Texas 

Best of Entire Show 

Lincoln Arts Festival    Lincoln, Nebraska 

Best of Jewelry & Award of Excellence

Art On The Lake     Excelsior, Minnesota  

Four Honorable Mention Awards, Runner-up for Best of Entire Show, and Best of Entire Show

Enoina Art Festival     Enoina, Oklahoma  

Best of Entire Show 

Wagon Wheel Art Festival      Manitou Springs, Colorado

Best of Jewelry 

Castle Rock Art Festival     Castle Rock, Colorado 

Best of Entire Show

Livingston Art Festival     Livingston, Montana 

2 Best of Jewelry Awards & Best of Entire Show

Winter Park Art Festival      Winter Park, Colorado

Second Place Entire Show

Estes Park Art Festival    Estes Park, Colorado 

Second Place Entire Show

Weems Art Festival     Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Award of Merit & Honorable Mention

Omaha Art Festival     Omaha, Nebraska 

Award of Excellence 

Colorado Fine Art Center     Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Produced & Directed 

Racquetball Summer Camps

Tennis Summer Camps 

Handball Summer Camps 

Prize money Racquetball Tournaments 

Handball Tournaments 

Squash Tournaments